Doing it Sideways… the Lateral Action Course for Creative Entrepreneurs

Creative Commons License photo credit: Sideways (the movie), via Hot Rod Homepage

Well it’s review time again. My aim with these is to work through a list of books and courses that I’ll be posting here very shortly on a handy Creative Resources page… Meanwhile, this one is in the time-is-of-the-essence category, as there’s a very limited window to get in on this one – and I simply can’t speak too highly of it.

I’m talking about the Lateral Action Course for Creative Entrepreneurs*. It’s mostly a joint project between Brian Clark (of Copyblogger fame, among a host of other endeavours) and the wonderfully helpful Mark McGuinness who somehow finds time to maintain his own Wishful Thinking blog as well as producing many of the Lateral Action site materials – which are themselves highly recommended. There are also contributions from frequent Brian Clark collaborators Tony Clark (everyone seems to feel the need to clarify that they are not actually related) and Sonia Simone.

The Lateral Action course was my first substantial information-product purchase, and I doubt I could have made a better choice. It presents a truly vast amount of information, for one thing, and it’s also really superbly structured – walking you through Content Marketing from the broad strategy level to much more specific tactics.

This has proved invaluable to me as an artist trying to come to grips with how to interface with this unfamiliar world, and given me the confidence to start building out my creative vision into a long-term business model. And it really is aimed at helping artists and other creative types come to an understanding of online business – no mean feat, as we are often notoriously bullheaded on the subject – well, speaking for myself anyway.

The sections on psychology are tremendously useful as well, directing us around some of the more dangerous pitfalls and blind alleys of the journey towards Creative Entrepreneurship. Mark McGuinness is a practicing Creative Coach and he clearly has a profound understanding of the psychological aspects of creativity, but for me the real value has been in helping me bridge the gap between creativity and the entrepreneurial mindset.

I have to put up the usual disclaimers here: first, I am an affiliate for this course and will earn a commission if you use my links to go and learn more about the course, which I really hope you will – go and learn more, I mean, it should be clear that I hope you use my links. The best way to start is probably to with this free 31-page PDF report:  How To Have a Great Life and a Great Business* (that doesn’t sound too terrible does it?).

Alternately, you can just go directly to the sales page* – it does a better job than I can of laying out the specifics of the course content. If you’re keen to maximize your benefit from the free launch materials, I’d recommend checking out Sonia Simone’s 8 Reasons Rich People Hate Their Lives* report, as well as exclusive interviews from the ever-insightful Steven Pressfield and Jason Fried (of 37 Signals and author of Rework).

Second disclaimer: At $495, this is not a cheap course, but I actually feel it’s an extraordinary value (and, of course, fully guaranteed). Furthermore, there are some fast-action bonuses available for those of you feeling unusually decisive – a $100 price break, two bonus modules (one of which is actually the entire $249 Partnering Profits course) and two months free access to the Third Tribe community with its own substantial library of course materials – so the value here is really outstanding.

All in all: this course packs a serious punch, and has helped me go from floundering around helplessly to focused and strategic action. Highly recommended (well, assuming that sounds like a good transition to make…)