The Short Version:

Fearless Creativity! is a blog about the creative journey – and about learning to transcend the blocks and fears that keep us from embracing it fully.

The Long Version:

Creativity fascinates me. It is the focus of my life, the thread of my narrative.

Creativity is a small miracle that happens every day, all over the world. It’s also how I choose to make my living, which is a choice I’m generally happy with, though it certainly presents some challenges. Not least of these is the underlying psychology of creativity – the fears and blocks and negative habits that get in the way and keep us from fully embracing the Creative Journey.

Despite the word ‘fearless’ in the title, I don’t actually think it’s possible, or even necessarily desirable, to live completely without fear – it’s one of our basic driving forces, after all, and in some cases keeps us out of trouble – so perhaps what this is really all about is transcending fear, moving through it and past it to the world of possibility that lies beyond.

So, this blog is about confronting fear, rising above it, moving beyond it; it’s about taking the risk, braving the consequences… and in the process learning something about ourselves, our limits, and our ability to surprise ourselves.

We’ll be exploring this on three levels (with a considerable amount of crossover between them): the practical, the psychological, and the philosophical.

  • ‘Practical’ means actionable techniques to jumpstart the creative process or leapfrog over our blocks and fears. This will include matters of livelihood – that pesky question of making money, or even a living, through creative work.
  • ‘Psychological’ posts will delve into the negative mental habits that often underly or creep into our creative process, making it less (or less enjoyable) than it could or should be. As above, there will be some discussion of the entrepreneurial mindset as it relates to creative endeavour.
  • ‘Philosophical’ is where we’ll tie it all together into an evolving model of what creativity is, what it means, where it might come from, and so on. This will include musings on the spiritual side of creativity, which will draw on various spiritual traditions but align exclusively with none. Just in case you’re wondering about that.

Finally, threaded throughout all of this will be an ongoing survey of the existing literature on creativity, which is vast and varied – and additional resources such as home-study courses or ebooks. As per the overall disclaimer*, I will sometimes use affiliate links in these circumstances, so that if you follow my link and make a purchase I’ll earn a commission. This is part of making a small return on the time and energy I invest in producing the content here, so I trust that’s OK with you. If not, well, not.

Enjoy the journey, I hope you’ll get something from it and bring something to it…

– tobias